Splinters & Candy 03/21/22 WVKR

Headwind | Rob Oo

Listen to the notes closely. Music from Cyprus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, Peru, Benin, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Norway, Azerbaijan, India, and beyond.


Antonis Antoniou – “Barıs”
Ry-Co Jazz – “Mawa”
Priscilla Ermel – “Meia Noite”
Bomba Estéreo – “Profundo”
Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo – “Infidélité mado”
Duo Perse-Inca – “Carnaval Ayacupersa”
Les Teriba – “Ago Helou”
Joseph Tawadros – “Forget Me Not”
Sotomayor – “Esta vez”
The Ano Nobo Quartet – “Badia di Fora”
Small Island Big Song ft. Emlyn – “Sarbon”
Marja Mortensson & Daniel Herskedal – “Piere Åvla – Piere Åvla’s Yoik”
Rüstəm Quliyev – “Ay Dili Dili”
Aditya Prakash Ensemble – “Joy”

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