Splinters & Candy 04/15/24 WVKR

Depths of Forest | Bobulix

Cycling through notes. Music from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, USA, Argentina, Colombia, India, England, Syria, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Thailand, Algeria, Senegal, and beyond.


Sammy Massamba – “Azali”
Orchestre Celi Bitshou – “Tembe Na Tembe Ya Nini”
Reyna Tropical – “Cartagena”
La Yegros ft. Eblis Alvarez – “Donde”
Anoushka Shankar – “In the End”
Omar Souleyman – “Mahad Yadri”
Nadah El Shazly – “Haircut”
MD Pallavi & Andi Otto – “Song for Broken Ships”
Daniel Herskedal – “Tunnel”
Khun Narin – “Phua Kao”
Majid Soula – “Ay Iheqqiyen”
Thione Seck – “Bamba”

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