Splinters & Candy 05/06/24 WVKR

morning in the forest | vlod007

Fascinating songs. Music from Colombia, Romania, Guinea, Australia, Haiti, USA, England, Canada, India, Portugal, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Poland, Finland, and beyond.


Lisandro Meza y su Combo – “Me Quedo en Cali”
Taraf de Haïdouks – “Dragoste de la Clejani”
Jarabi Band – “Djamana”
Germa Adan ft. Xhosa Cole – “Borderlines & Bloodlines”
La Muchacha & El Propio Junte – “Parafina”
Nordri – “Festoyer jusqu’à l’aube”
Aditya Prakash Ensemble – “Ambiga”
Sara Tavares – “Lisboa Kuya”
Gombloh – “Lindri Lindri”
Sutari – “Swaty”
Pauanne – “Taivallahden pohjalla”

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