Novalima – Karimba


Novalima – “Festejo”

Novalima has been breaking down sound barriers since their inception in 2001. Based in Lima, Peru, the band was formed by four friends who share a passion for both traditional Afro-Peruvian music and modern DJ culture. They seek to mix the past with the future, approaching their music with an open mind and bridging the gap between the Peruvian mainstream and the Afro-Peruvian community. The four core members are: Rafael Morales, Grimaldo del Solar, Ramón Pérez-Prieto and Carlos Li Carrillo. The children of artists and intellectuals, Ramon, Grimaldo, Rafael and Carlos were well-educated and well traveled, and while they grew up listening to the popular and folk music of Latin America, they also shared a fascination for rock, pop, reggae, salsa, dance and electronic music.

Their latest effort, Karimba is their debut on ESL Music. This new record is chock full of grooves. The music contains a lot of Afro-Peruvian styles layered in modern beats. The electronic sophistication found within these songs is refreshing and unique, tying the music together in a nice package. “Festejo” is a heavy hitter with percussion and electronic effects supplying the foundation for the strong vocals. If you’re looking for more from Novalima, take a look at their bandcamp page, which features Coba Coba and Coba Coba Remixed.

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