Splinters & Candy 11/06/23 WVKR

Around Cusco, Peru | Emmanuel Dyan

Fly into a world of sound. Music from Peru, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Iran, USA, Sweden, South Africa, France, Cape Verde, Mali, Singapore, Palestine, the Philippines, and beyond.


Sofia Kourtesis – “Si Te Portas Bonito”
Luiza Lian – “Eu Estou Aqui”
Soema Montenegro – “Selva”
Novalima – “Amanecer”
Mitra Sumara – “Asmar Asmar”
FRÄNDER – “Evigt regn”
Diepkloof United Voice – “Who Knows”
Danilo Brito – “Choro No 1”
Xavier Jouvelet – “Oeuf En Clock”
Kola – “Lameirao”
Idrissa Soumaoro – “Diré Taga”
Lena Lim – “Where Is My Love”
Ehsan Saadeh – “If You Only Knew”
Danongan Kalanduyan and the Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble – “Duyog I”

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