Splinters & Candy 06/12/23 WVKR

Kratie, Cambodia. 116 | James Antrobus

Moments you need. Music from Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, USA, Chile, Cambodia, Spain, Colombia, Switzerland, Ghana, the Netherlands, Australia, Guadeloupe, Cuba, and beyond.


Novalima – “La Danza”
Dom La Nena – “Universo”
TribalMixtura – “SOY”
Tony Allen & Adrian Younge – “No Beginning”
Kiltro – “Guanaco”
Dengue Fever – “Touch Me Not”
Neus Borrell & Miquel Joan – “Com un cel”
Acid Coco – “Seguimos Sonriendo”
Immy Owusu – “The World Is Here for You”
Bokanté – “Pa Domi”
Ley Line – “Desde Lejos”
Ana Carla Maza – “A Tomar Café”
Jordi Savall – “Ya Gazaly”
Okuté – “Orakinyongo”

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