Splinters & Candy 08/28/17 WVKR

The Accordion Player

International notes and melodies. Music from Colombia, Spain, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Wales, Norway, and beyond.

Ondatrópica – “Soy Campesino”
Manu Chao – “Mala Fama”
Mohammed Malcom Ben & His African Feeling Organization – “Preservation of Humanity”
Vonga Aye – “Bolingo Mobesu”
Jimmy Pedrozo & Franklin Ariza – “Lo Mas Sabroso”
Hongthong Dao-udon – “Sa-on Siang Phin”
Dálava – “Ej, lásko, lásko”
Chłopcy Kontra Basia – “Mam Ja Męża”
Ranky Tanky – “That’s Alright”
9Bach – “Anian”
Berit Alette Mienna – “Jesusis Mun Lávllun”

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