Splinters & Candy 09/19/22 WVKR

Seaside. Summer. Hvaler. Norway. | Trine Syvertsen

Definitive selections for your ears. Music from Greece, France, Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Israel, Finland, Peru, Norway, Haiti, Canada, Ghana, Mozambique, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Vietnam, and beyond.


Dafné Kritharas – “Gkel Gkel Aman”
Bomba Estéreo & Manu Chao – “Me Duele”
Kiko Dinucci ft. Juçara Marçal – “Gurufim”
Sababa 5 & Shiran Tzfira – “Sei Yona”
Jussi Reijonen – “The Veil”
Tito Chicoma y Su Orquesta – “Ritmo Veregua”
Sinikka Langeland – “What is Tomorrow”
Wesli – “Fè Yo Wè Kongo Banda”
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley – “Yekor Ye A Yeaba”
Amélia Muge – “Chove Muito, Chove Tanto”
Edson Natale – “Oração das Sete Cores”
Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters – “Cry Woman”
Citron Citron – “La nuit galope (Radio Edit)”
Mai Lệ Huyền – “Có Ai Trên Đời Mà Không Yêu (Con Tim Và Nước Mắt)”

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