Splinters & Candy 08/24/20 WVKR

Kids and the river

Akenataa hosts an exciting hour of music from around the world. Selections from Romania, Japan, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, South Africa, USA, and beyond.


Toni Iordache – “Tinèrète Tinèrète”
Fuji Michiko – “Iso bushi”
Elida Almeida – “Nada ka muda”
Dobet Gnahoré – “La Clé”
Mada Ba – “Djikko”
Detty Kurnia – “Banondari”
Dawit Tsige – “Degmo Bezih lay”
Luzmila Carpio – “Wawakynaq Kusiynin”
Guadalupe Urbina – “Pais Azul”
Wasis Diop – “After Dreaming”
Thandiswa Mazwai – “Kulala”
Sarah Vaughan – “Photograph”
Steven Terry – “Un Poco Mario”

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