Splinters & Candy 07/26/21 WVKR

France | Edmunds Lukaševičs

Akenataa guest hosts with selections from France, Serbia, England, Brazil, Belize, Honduras, Peru, India, Vietnam, Japan, Mali, Cape Verde, Cameroon, and beyond.


Nicolas Repac – “Slepa Ljubav”
Nouvelle Vague – “Love will tear us apart”
Jimmy Somerville – “Smalltown boy reprise”
Gal Costa – “Faltando um pedaço”
Garifuna Women’s Collective – “Nibari”
Susana Baca – “Dos de Febrero”
Susheela Raman – “Mamavatu”
Titi Robin & Gulabi Sapera – “Neem”
Huong Thanh – “One river, two streams”
Ichimaru – “Ina Bushi”
Amadou & Mariam – “A chacun sa problème”
Titina – “Galo Bedjo”
Francis Bebey – “La condition masculine”

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