Splinters & Candy 07/17/23 WVKR

Nyingchi, Tibet | Catherine Poh Huay Tan

Akenataa guest hosts today’s show. Music from Japan, Tibet, USA, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Haiti, Ethiopia, Mali, Brazil, Mexico, and beyond.


Himekami – “Sennen No Inori”
Soname – “Sun and Moon”
Thought Guild – “The Ebbing Universe”
Ivo Papasov – “Dance of the Falcon”
Ofra Haza – “Im Nin’alu”
Nouvelle Vague – “Marian”
Wesli – “Kay Koulé Trouba”
Bzunesh Bèkèlè – “Atrakegn”
Idrissa Soumaoro – “Köte”
Da Cruz – “A Demora”
Chavela Vargas – “Soledad”

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