Splinters & Candy 05/08/17 WVKR


Sounds to keep the world spinning. Music from USA, Mexico, Ethiopia, Colombia, Somalia, Sudan, Cuba, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and beyond.


Big Mean Sound Machine – “Kang’s Lament”
Big Mean Sound Machine – “Burning Van”
Orkesta Mendoza – “Misterio”
Banda de los Muertos – “Tu Recuerdo y Yo”
Tilahun Gessesse – “Seqo Mènor”
Debo Band – “Yalanchi”
Alejandro Durán – “Cumbia Costeña”
Dur-Dur Band – “Ilawad Cashaqa”
Mohammed Wardi – “Azibni”
Barbarito Díez – “Perla Marina”
Western Jazz Band – “Shida”
Dosti Music Project – “Majare”
Palmyra & Levita – “Rapunzel”

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