Splinters & Candy 05/01/17 WVKR

Palestine refugees

Inspiration comes from everyplace. Music from Norway, Mozambique, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, USA, Sri Lanka, Togo, Cape Verde, Mali, Mexico, and beyond.


Berit Alette Mienna – “Mu váibmu vádjol doppe”
Monoswezi – “Dande”
The Mods – “Garba Dance”
The Baluchi Ensemble of Karachi – “Jamalu”
R. Carlos Nakai – “Coyote Animus”
A. E. Manoharan – “Kaffiringha”
Adamah & Agbote – “Dzo Le Gbo Nye”
Elisio Gomes & Joachim Varela – “Chuma Lopes”
Mamadou Kelly – “Banyereye”
Graciana Silva Garcia – “El Siquisiri”

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