Sally Nyolo – La Nuit à Fébé

Every week I listen to one of my favorite radio shows on WVKR. Akenataa Hammagaadji hosts First World Music – a three hour global safari featuring music from the African Diaspora. Each episode, Akenataa features a CD of the week. This week he played Sally Nyolo’s latest record entitled, La Nuit à Fébé.

Sally hails from the South of Cameroon. She was born in the Eton Land, in the small village of Eyen-Meyong. Sally moved from Cameroon to Paris when she was 13 and has lived there since. She joined up with Zap Mama for a few albums and then went on to make her own records featuring the Eton language of her hometown.

“I try to be as rootsy as the (Eton) language would like me to be because it’s a language we speak with images… I try to be like old singers used to do traditionally in Eton. I try to do like them, speak with image, give my best feeling to the audience.”

This album marks her return since 2007’s Mémoire du Monde. Below is an excellent performance of “Multiculti” from the album of the same name, filmed at la Fiesta des Suds in Marseille.

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