Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow

I am thrilled to feature the new Kate Bush album, 50 Words for Snow today. Normally I would have been anxiously awaiting this record for over a year, but Kate was already kind to us earlier this year when she released her Director’s Cut album. No one anticipated another release full of new material would follow before the end of the year. In less than a couple months 50 Words for Snow became a hot ticket for the holidays.

The reviews have been outstanding. Critics have run out of compliments for Kate. After listening to the album, I am not surprised. There are only 7 songs on the record, but it runs 65 minutes long. Kate’s ability to stretch out over longer tracks is refreshing. She has taken things into her own hands with her own label, Fish People behind the record and ANTI Records releasing it here in the United States. The title track, “50 Words for Snow” features Stephen Fry on vocals as he and Kate build up the track with words for snow you never knew existed. Elsewhere on the record Elton John and Andy Fairweather Low make guest appearances. Two animated videos have been released as well. One for “Wild Man” and another entitled “Mistraldespair” which features the song “Misty” from the album. Both are featured below. Enjoy this magnificent release.

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