Lucia Pulido – 01/19/12 Lincoln Center

Today we take a look at Lucia Pulido, a Colombian singer who celebrates her birthday tonight at the Lincoln Center Rubinstein Atrium in New York City. To honor 30 years of artistic endeavors, Lucia will be joined by Sebastian Cruz, Adam Kolker, and Stomu Takeishi. Special guests include Dave Binney, Luis Bonilla, Erik Friedlander, La Cumbiamba eNeYe, and others. Lucia sings with distinct passion, expressing her love for the traditional while showcasing a contemporary, experimental sound derived from styles found in her native Colombia and across Latin America.

“Ms Pulido holds on to the rawness of the original melodies while giving them a sophisticated new context.” – New York Times

Traditional genres such as cumbia and bullerengue from the Atlantic Coast, currulaos from the Pacific Coast as well as joropos from the Colombian Eastern Plains form the base of Lucia’s music. Lucia’s vocal technique is enhanced with herding songs (cantos de vaquería), funeral laments (alabaos) and harvest chants (cantos de zafra), which give the singer the liberty to explore her voice in many ways. To hear for yourself, take a look at this amazing video featuring Lucia Pulido singing and Aquiles Baez playing guitar. Together they perform “El Gavilan” in Sao Paulo. Her voice commands the audience’s attention and Baez’s guitar playing is out of this world. Enjoy this talented performance and be sure to join the birthday bash tonight at the Lincoln Center Rubinstein Atrium. The show is free and starts at 8:30, but get there early as they will close the doors when the room is filled.

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