Splinters & Candy 01/08/24 WVKR

Dilapidated house | Kristina Zeidlitz

Delivering notes. Music from Macedonia, Chile, France, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Guinea, USA, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Brazil, Cameroon, and beyond.


Džambo Aguševi Orchestra – “Feko Dvojka”
Ana Tijoux – “Tania”
Edwin Perez – “Tus Mentiras”
FRÄNDER – “Rabatud”
M’Bady Kouyaté – “Bata”
Mary Lattimore – “Sometimes He’s in My Dreams”
Acid Arab ft. Wael Alkak – “Ya Mahla”
Le Trio Joubran – “The Long March”
Rasha – “Ashej Seyaró”
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti – “Sem Essa”
Roger Bekono – “Etom Mot”
Piano Novel – “Lumino Forest (Solo Piano Version)”

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