Khaira Arby – Tchini Tchini

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Khaira Arby – “Tchini Tchini”
Tchini Tchini

Khaira Arby last appeared on Splinters & Candy in November when we featured her collaboration with the Sway Machinery. Since then Khaira has been busy touring the United States with her talented band. Hailing from the region of Timbuktu in Northern Mali, Khaira is one of the Africa’s finest vocalists. She has been on the scene for a while, but made her splash in the U.S. when she released and supported Timbuktu Tarab, her full length release on Clermont Music, back in 2010.

After making quite the impression at Bonnaroo in June, Khaira and her band are back with a nice little EP entitled Tchini Tchini, also out on Clermont Music. The disc contains three previously unreleased tracks: “Tchini Tchini,” “Al Jama’a, Bisimillah” and “Oumousall.” Each track is magnificent. Continuing the sound of Timbuktu Tarab, this EP features Khaira’s incredible voice and her amazing electric band. Ali Farka TourĂ© is Khaira’s cousin and you can hear his influence in her music as she grew up in awe of him. There are some terrific electric blazes from her impressive young guitarist, Dramane TourĂ©, which harmonize well with Aballow Yattara’s ngoni flourishes. There may only be three tracks on this EP, but there is a lot of music in these songs. Keep an eye out for Tchini Tchini and get addicted to this music by listening to the title track above. Don’t miss the chance to see Khaira and her band live. They will be at Lincoln Center Out of Doors on August 1st with Yemen Blues and Ukandanz. The free concert starts at 7:00 at the Damrosch Park Bandshell. You can’t afford to miss it.

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  1. Barry Frank
    July 24, 2012

    when will the EP “tchini tchini” by Khaira Arby be available? There is no mention of it on Amazon or
    Amazon UK.

  2. Chris Nolan
    August 7, 2012

    The EP is currently available through Amazon or by email directly to me at Clermont Music. This is three tracks from a future full CD that has been recorded, is being mixed and mastered and will be formally released in January 2013 in the EU and in the US.
    Thanks to Alex for this great review of the first three tunes finished.
    Clermont Music

    • Alex
      August 8, 2012

      Excellent news. This is music you have to hear. Can’t wait for the forthcoming album.

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