Jazzanova – Funkhaus Studio Sessions

Stefan Leisering & Axel Reinemer, the Berlin based producers of Jazzanova, went into the studio with their 7 piece live band and Paul Randolph to cut a record on the fly. Funkhaus Studio Sessions, available now on Sonar Kollektiv, is the first live album by Jazzanova. The band brought the live experience to the legendary GDR Rundfunk Orchestra studios in East Berlin, where they could capture the music with top professional recording equipment. Included are some of the songs the band has perfected on tour over the past few years as well as some fan favorites. Their initial breakthrough smash “Fedime’s Flight” is here among renditions and interpretations of Jazzanova remixes (i.e. the remix for Fat Freddy’s Drop’s “Flashback“). The 14 tracks include a brand new tune entitled “I Human,” co-written by vocalist and bass player Paul Randolph, whose soulful voice lays down the lyrics on Funkhaus Studio Sessions.

The band sounds fresh and bold with horns and strings filling out the arrangements. The live element is successfully preserved by limiting the post production and focusing on the spontaneity of the performances. The musicians included on the record are Paul Randolph (vocals), Arne Jansen (guitar), Carl Michael Grabinger (drums), Sebastian Studnitzky (keys), Sebastian Borkowski (sax, flute), Stefan Ulrich (trombone), Paul Kleber (bass), Axel Reinemer (electronics, percussion), and Stefan Leisering (congas, synths, ampli-celeste). Jazzanova’s youtube channel features a few videos taped during the recording of Funkhaus Studio Sessions. Check out “Let It Go” below to see how engaging the band is when they perform. Funkhaus Studio Sessions is available at a record store near you.

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