Splinters & Candy 01/24/22 WVKR

Turkey 552 | GrahamPics1

Celebrate Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST 2022 with songs from current and past artists. Music from Finland, South Korea, Turkey, Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Mali, Mexico, Lebanon, Syria, Senegal, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, France, and beyond.


Suistamon Sähkö – “Umpijärveen”
ADG7 – “Blooming Love”
Tufan Derince – “Keşeo Axao”
Northern Cree – “Jealous Fool”
Kombilesa Mí – “Ma Nduse”
Kiran Ahluwalia – “Saat (Seven)”
Al Bilali Soudan – “Djaba”
Son Rompe Pera – “El Saleroso”
Bedouin Burger – “يا من حوى”
Yoro Ndiaye – “Yaay”
Ava Rocha y Los Toscos – “Caminando Sobre Huesos”
Calypso Rose – “Abatina”
Lo’Jo – “Bougnoule”

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  1. Kiran
    January 26, 2022

    Thanks for the radio love.

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