Diogo Nogueira – globalFEST 2012

Diogo Nogueira may not be well known in the U.S., but he is a superstar in Brazil. He is the son of the legendary composer João Nogueira who became famous when Elizeth Cardoso recorded his song “Corrente de Aço.” Diogo always admired samba and was a musician throughout his childhood and adolescence. As he grew up he decided he wanted to become a football player, following his father’s will. Unfortunately a knee injury derailed his chances as a footballer, so he turned back to the music he loved.

His father had nurtured his talents as a youngster and took him along on the road with him when he would perform. Diogo would get up and sing with João and soon he was receiving invitations to rodas de samba (communal gatherings where musicians and composers sing and improvise samba together) in Rio. Now he is a television star with his own show, Samba na Gamboa. His style is matched by his charisma and he always gets the crowd going with his smile. Take a look at him performing “Malandro é Malandro” live. He is sure to please the audience at globalFEST 2012.

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