Splinters & Candy 08/16/21 WVKR

P1100584 | Ricardo Reis

Expand your listening with music from the Netherlands, USA, Uruguay, South Korea, England, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Argentina, and beyond.


YĪN YĪN – “The Sacred Valley of Cusco”
Khruangbin – “Father Bird, Mother Bird”
Conjunto Casino – “La Salsa Nostra”
Black String – “Sureña”
Kefaya + Elaha Soroor – “Arose Jane Madar”
Priya Ragu – “Kamali”
Jeremy Dutcher – “Ultestakon”
Son Rompe Pera – “Pajaro Cenzontle”
Arooj Aftab – “Inayaat”
Miral Ayyad – “Eyes of the Narcissus”
Connie Kim – “Lý Luận Tình Yêu”
Dobet Gnahoré – “Désert”
Sofia Rei – “Helvética 12”

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