CSC Funk Band – 45RPM 7″

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CSC Funk Band – “A Little Weight”

Yesterday we took a look at Electric Cowbell Records’ latest compilation, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. Today we look at another hot 7″ single coming out on Electric Cowbell just in time for Record Store Day on April 21st. This 45rpm record from Brooklyn’s CSC Funk Band, featuring “A Little Weight” b/w “A Little Planet,” has the group playing Gang Starr inspired instrumentals that stem from a performance on Record Store Day 2011. CSC Funk Band were invited to the Gang Starr / Guru tribute at Fat Beats’ warehouse in Brooklyn with Masta Ace. The experience resonated with CSC Funk Band as they went into the studio to lay down their own interpretations of Gang Starr’s style.

CSC Funk Band was the first funk group to be signed by the prestigious New York hip-hop label Fat Beats. It seems fitting that they would issue a vinyl-only tribute to the musical diversity of the late Guru and Gang Starr. Funk and hip-hop have always bumped elbows on the record shelves and here the two genres come together to produce some excellent instrumental sounds that will impress funk and hip-hop fans alike. This Record Store Day, go for the triple threat of CSC Funk Band’s 7″ featuring “A Little Weight” b/w “A Little Planet”, Super Hi-Fi / Polyrhythmics’ 7″ featuring “We Will Begin Again” b/w “Pink Wasabi” and the terrific For Whom the Cowbell Tolls compilation from Electric Cowbell. With these eclectic sounds, you can’t go wrong.


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