Splinters & Candy 06/27/22 WVKR

Martinica # | Antonio Fucito

Looking and listening. Music from Mali, England, Democratic Republic of Congo, Argentina, Malawi, Angola, Portugal, Martinique, Senegal, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, and beyond.


Afel Bocoum – “Penda Djiga”
BKO – “Toumaro”
Hollie Cook – “Happy Hour”
Congotronics International – “Resila”
Madalitso Band – “Chikondi sichiona nkhope”
Bonga – “Ti Zuela”
Mísia – “Dança de Mágoas 2”
Maher Beauroy – “Ki Moun Ou Yé”
Ibrahima Cissokho & Mandingue Foly – “Mbading”
Antonio Castrignanò ft. Sona Jobarteh – “Si Picculina”
Äl Jawala – “Schiller´s Banda”
Park Jiha – “A Day In…”
Graveola – “Canina Intuição”

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