Splinters & Candy 09/13/21 WVKR

Algérie | Daggett.fr

Today marks the final day of our annual pledge drive. Please consider donating to WVKR. Music from Peru, Colombia, India, Senegal, China, Brazil, Algeria, Romania, Mali, Cyprus, and beyond.


Susana Baca – “La Herida Oscura”
Bomba Estéreo – “Deja”
Purbayan Chatterjee – “Khula Asmaan – Firmament”
Kadialy Kouyate – “Thiosano”
Cheng Yu & Dennis Kwong Thye Lee – “Liangxiao yin”
Luiz Morais – “Scorpio”
Warda – “Khalik Hena pt 3”
Fanfare Ciocărlia – “Babo Never Worked a Day”
Fanta Souroukou – “Fila Dembe”
Hocine Chaoui – “Rym El Hahaya”
Monsieur Doumani – “Pissourin”

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