Various Artists – The Original Sound of Cumbia

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El Pholy Combo – “El Porro es Hermano De La Cumbia”
The Original Sound of Cumbia

Soundway Records does it again. This time they let Will ‘Quantic’ Holland research Colombian cumbia and porro for five years. In that time, Will put together an excellent spread of 55 tracks (plus a couple vinyl only bonus tracks) to help you delve deeper into these amazing South American grooves. Will also learned how to play the accordion, as well as set up a band (Quantic Soul Orchestra & Quantic y su Combo Barbaro) and a studio.

The full title of the album is The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948 – 79. The first disc focuses on the earliest cumbia coming from the Caribbean coast then moves inland to central Colombia and the capital Bogota. The second disc sees the evolution of cumbia with greats of Colombian music like Alberto Pacheco, Toño Fernandez & Anibal Velasquez bringing new instruments and influences to the genre. This is another killer compilation by one of the best record companies in the international market. Learn more at Soundway Records.

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