Splinters & Candy 10/25/21 WVKR

Belgium | Paul Padshewscky

Dial in the frequency. Music from Spain, Benin, Italy, Iraq, Niger, Mali, Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Belgium, Guadeloupe, South Korea, England, Colombia, Tibet, and beyond.


Amparanoia – “La Despedida”
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – “Lion is Burning”
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – “Quannu Camini Tie”
Kawîs Axa – “Bîlmez, Pt. 1”
Hama – “Houmeissa”
Rokia Traoré – “M’Bifo”
Toinho de Alagoas – “Sonho de Amor”
Manzanita y su Conjunto – “Catita”
Coumba Gawlo – “Dépense”
Stromae – “Santé”
Kassav’ – “Mwen Malad Aw”
Dongyang Gozupa – “Edge”
Quantic and Nidia Góngora – “Macumba de Marea”
Unknown Artist – “A Traditional Tibetan Song”

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