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GlobalFEST is a not-for-profit organization that promotes multi-genre music from around the globe. What started out in 2003 as a once a year concert held every January has become much more in recent years. As popularity for the multicultural festival increases, globalFEST continues to branch out. They’ve added showcases to Bonnaroo and SXSW in addition to providing grants to festival alumni through the gF touring fund. By encouraging emerging artists to enter the global touring scene, globalFEST constantly dedicates itself to promoting musical diversity.

We’ve covered globalFEST 2012 & globalFEST 2013 in the past and now the organizers have compiled a CD released by Magenta entitled globalFEST Selector, which features twelve previously unreleased tracks by artists that have appeared at globalFEST events.

This compilation CD plays out like a globalFEST show, switching directions at the drop of a hat. The wide range of music picked for this set makes for an exciting listening experience, enhanced by the fact that many have never heard these songs before. While each track is worthy of inclusion, some really pop and demonstrate what an important organization globalFEST is for discovering new talent.

M.A.K.U. SoundSystem always brings the heat with their irresistible blend of Afro-Colombian music and “Agua” is no different. Yasmine Hamdan contributes “IRSS,” a dreamy mix of synthesizers and clapping fueled by great vocals. Noura Mint Seymali and her band offer up the exceptional Sahelian flavored “El Madi.” Seymali’s rich, powerful voice with her rapid vibrato is captivating. The dynamic connection she shares with her husband, guitarist Jeich Ould Chighaly, is otherworldly.

Lo’Jo always sounds fresh and different every time they play. “Riquesa” is an intense, percussive track with electric violin and beautiful Berber vocals. Namgar is one of the most rewarding inclusions on globalFEST Selector. This quartet from Russia/Mongolia offers a refreshing take on traditional Buryat and Mongolian music with “Khadadaa.” Mucca Pazza plays a twisted blend of marching band music packed with influences from around the globe. The stellar “Dirty Chompers” lives up to the high standard they set and is a welcome addition to this disc.

All of these tracks are full of life. They demonstrate the sort of international traditional/contemporary scene that graces the stage every January in NYC. It’s great to see how globalFEST has grown over the years. With music this original, they could put together a compilation CD every year if they wanted to. For now, globalFEST Selector is perfect for anyone who loves eclectic music.


01. Hassan Hakmoun – “Balilli (My Father)” [Morocco/USA]
02. M.A.K.U. SoundSystem – “Agua” [Colombia/USA]
03. Brooklyn Qawwali Party – “Sochan Dongian” [USA]
04. Kailash Kher – “Rang Rang Ma” [India]
05. Yasmine Hamdan – “IRSS” [Lebanon]
06. Noura Mint Seymali – “El Madi” [Mauritania]
07. Lo’Jo – “Riquesa” [France]
08. Namgar – “Khadadaa” [Russia/Mongolia]
09. Martha Redbone Roots Project – “My Warfare Will Soon Be Over” [USA]
10. Alif Naaba – “San Kuily” [Burkina Faso]
11. Mucca Pazza – “Dirty Chompers” [USA]
12. Stooges Brass Band – “Muses” [USA]

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