TriBeCaStan – 08/25/12 Sullivan Hall

The multicultural diversity of TriBeCaStan will be on show at Sullivan Hall on August 25th. This exciting ensemble plays a wide variety of folk music taken from every corner of the globe. Calypso is paired with Balkan brass while African melodies are met with Appalachian banjo music or avant-garde jazz. Jeff Greene and John Kruth, the founders of TriBeCaStan, can play two dozen instruments between them. The band members come from many different backgrounds and have performed with the likes of James Brown, Ornette Coleman, Patti Smith, Meat Puppets, Violent Femmes and Taj Mahal. Jeff Greene believes all music is world music and is dedicated to bringing about the evolution of a new global roots music.

“As we say in TriBeCaStan, ‘If your toes all face one way, you will walk crooked.’ This means we must be in solidarity with all of the world to find the right direction. If you dig around in the ’60s and ’70s in music from India, Thailand and Ethiopia you hear how the musicians borrowed from and reworked American music. We’re just doing the same thing, but in reverse.” – Jeff Greene

It is hard to describe the eclectic delight of TriBeCaStan; you never know which continent you are going to hear from next. To see them in action, watch this great video for “The Midnight Hora,” which showcases how this band ebbs and flows together with everyone in sync. Don’t miss their upcoming show at Sullivan Hall on Saturday. The West African sounds of Benyoro open the show at 7:30 PM (Doors 7:00 PM). Pick up a copy of TriBeCaStan’s latest album, New Deli, at Evergreene Music or your favorite record store.

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