Splinters & Candy 07/05/21 WVKR

Rosario, Argentina

Seeking melodies and rhythms. Music from France, Mali, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Niger, Argentina, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Belgium, Italy, England, Palestine, Cyprus, and beyond.


Yohann Le Ferrand ft. Khaira Arby – “Yerna Fassè”
Lido Pimienta – “Para Transcribir (SOL)”
Yamandu Costa ft. Mônica Salmaso – “Entidade”
Les Filles de Illighadad – “Surbajo”
Juana Molina – “Martín Fierro”
Jupiter & Okwess ft. Marcelo D2 – “Telejayi”
Natacha Atlas – “The Outer”
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – “Orfeo”
Balimaya Project – “Balimaya (Radio Edit)”
Hanin Alijlah – “What’s in Store for Me”
Sofia Rei – “Un Mismo Cielo”
Antonis Antoniou ft. Andreas Neocleous – “Ttappa Kato”
Aquarela – “Hit Parade des Enfants”

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