Splinters & Candy 10/15/18 WVKR

Launching of The UNAMID Radio Serial Drama “Rakuba Aba Salih”

Open your ears to the sounds around us. Music from Ethiopia, Iran, USA, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Sudan, India, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and beyond.


Minyeshu – “Anteneh”
Mitra Sumara – “Donya vafa nadare”
Zemog el Gallo Bueno – “The Balance Imbalance Dance”
Uji – “Camino de Nacar”
Mohammed Wardi – “Al Mursal”
K.S. Chithra – “Kaiyodu Ennai”
W.D. Amaradeva – “Sinidu Sudu Muthu”
Meridian Brothers – “Canto me levantó (pesadumbre)”
Juana Molina – “Misterio uruguayo”

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