Splinters & Candy 08/21/23 WVKR

iTardor21 0124. | Joan

Wander around and get lost. Music from Turkey, Egypt, England, Colombia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Somalia, Mali, Spain, and beyond.


Erkin Koray – “Arap Saçı”
Tashkezar – “Ew’aa”
La Pambelé – “Quiebracanto”
Nusantara Beat – “Borondong Garing”
Marcia Maria – “Brasil Nativo”
Rodriguez – “Climb up on My Music”
Robbie Robertson – “The Sound Is Fading”
Andrés Landero y su Conjunto – “La Pollera Rosada”
Elektro Hafiz – “Deutsche Freunde”
Iftin Band – “Sig Sig Nima”
Fantani Touré – “Doussouda”
Meritxell Gené – “Paisatge amb figures”

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