Splinters & Candy 08/12/19 WVKR


Look for it. Music from Israel, Cuba, Germany, Sudan, Thailand, Nigeria, USA, Somalia, Ethiopia, Benin, and beyond.


A-WA – “Min Tiht Al Firash”
Orquesta Akokán – “Un Tabaco para Elegua (Instrumental)”
Itamar Erez – “Endless Cycle”
Cimafunk – “Ponte pa’ lo tuyo”
Muito Kaballa – “Lugar Ao Sol”
Abdullah Abdelkader – “Al Zaman Zamanak”
Soonton Chairoongren – “Mob Natee Hai Luk Keuy”
Tony Allen – “Ise Nla”
Debo Band – “Kehulume Abliche”
Mahmoud Ahmed – “Gubelye”
Angélique Kidjo – “Baila Yemaya”

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