Splinters & Candy 08/05/19 WVKR

Four Teenagers

Searching high and low. Music from the Netherlands, USA, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Mali, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, England, Nigeria, and beyond.


Jungle by Night – “Tasmatica”
Raya Brass Band – “This Train Is Now”
Hazmat Modine – “Up & Rise”
Qais Essar – “Sohini Surfer/Emerald Waves Part 2”
Nicola Cruz – “Siete”
Djénéba & Fousco – “Kono”
Dizu Plaatjies and Friends – “Bantu Biko”
Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited – “Rita”
Kongo Dia Ntotila – “Faux Boss”
Ibibio Sound Machine – “I Need You to Be Sweet Like Sugar (Nnge Nte Suka)”
Santana ft. Buika – “Oye Este Mi Canto”
Forro in the Dark ft. Miho Hatori – “Paraíba”

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