Splinters & Candy 03/26/18 WVKR

cheek in a traffic jam

Independent radio listeners unite. Music from the USA, Colombia, Venezuela, France, Australia, India, Cape Verde, Macedonia, Brazil, and beyond.


Changüí Majadero – “Mayumbero”
The Latin Brothers – “Dale al Bombo”
Eliana Cuevas – “Seré Libre”
Lhasa – “Abro la ventana”
Lo’Jo – “Fonetiq”
Java – “Au Banquet Des Chasseurs”
The Bombay Royale – “Tere Bina”
Asha Bhosle – “Jab Chaye”
Os Apolos – “Ilyne”
Esma Redžepova – “Chaje Shukarije”
Virgínia Rodrigues – “Jeito Faceiro”

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