Splinters & Candy 03/19/18 WVKR

Small Children Crossing the Street in Bogota

The variety you’ve been in search of. Music from Algeria, Angola, Réunion, Mali, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, USA, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, and beyond.

Cheb Mami – “Anamazel”
Lulendo – “Mamona Mbua”
Le Club Rythmique – “Mon P’Tit Nénène”
Lobi Traoré – “Yoyayo”
Tal National – “Belles Reines”
Jupiter & Okwess – “Benanga”
Brenda Navarette – “Taita Bilongo”
Meridian Brothers – “¿Dónde Estás María?”
Novalima – “Chinchivi”
La Misa Negra – “Tierra”
Betsy McGovern – “Oh, Susanna”
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc – “Hjaltaren”

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