Splinters & Candy 02/03/20 WVKR

The dancers on the stage

Celebrate music. Sounds from France, Haiti, Brazil, Cape Verde, Turkey, Cambodia, Scotland, England, India, Nigeria, Switzerland, and beyond.


Watcha Clan – “Viens, viens”
Moonlight Benjamin – “Nap Chape”
Nara Leão – “Réquiem por um Amor”
Avelino e Orlando Pantera – “Nha Lutcha”
Edip Akbayram & Dostlar – “Hasretinle Yandi Gönlüm”
Choun Malai – “Jomreang Oun Chreang”
Marcos Valle – “Naturalmente”
Louis Ville – “Je Ne Me Souviens Plus”
Yorkston Thorne Khan – “Sukhe Pool”
Tony Allen – “African Man”
Jean-Pierre Huser – “Chinatown”
Matao with Atilla Engin – “Bre Hasan”

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