Splinters & Candy 01/20/20 WVKR

Soweto youngster

Get your feet moving. Music from France, Greece, Brazil, Mali, Cameroon, Somalia, Palestine, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, and beyond.


Ko Shin Moon – “Magna Mater”
Kryiakos Sfetsas – “From a Foreign Land”
Metá Metá – “Cobra Rasteira”
Nahawa Doumbia – “Tjefouroule”
Mystic Djim & The Spirits – “Yaoundé Girls”
Bakaka Band – “Geesiyada Halgamayow”
Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo – “Rasty George”
The Tulips – “Sofasilahlane”
Fred Fisher – “Asa-Sa”
Marta Sánchez Quintet – “Cascadas”

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