Splinters & Candy 11/21/22 WVKR

Impression of Gambia by Peter | Eric Geers

Celebrating ten years on the radio. Music from Somalia, Argentina, Colombia, the Gambia, Brazil, USA, France, Japan, Haiti, Benin, Lebanon, and beyond.


Iftin Band – “Umaayey iyo Abo”
Chancha Vía Circuito ft. Lido Pimienta – “Amor en silencio”
Sona Jobarteh – “Musolou”
Tunico – “Galope”
Adrian Quesada – “Noble Metals”
Stella – “Détends-toi”
Florence Adooni – “Yinne”
Masakatsu Takagi – “Marginalia #118”
Erol Josué – “Erzulie”
Angélique Kidjo & Ibrahim Maalouf – “Alikama”
Metá Metá – “Tristeza Não”

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