Niama Makalou et African Soul Band – Kognokoura

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Time for a slice of Malian disco. Our friends at Sofrito have been releasing all sorts of music from around the globe, and they’ve recently announced the reissue of Niama Makalou et African Soul Band’s “Kognokoura” as an EP. On March 14th, Sofrito will release “Kognokoura” as the fifth edition of their Super Singles series. Niami Makalou descended from a family of griots. She moved to Paris in the mid-70s and recorded her one and only vinyl release. At the time the world was swept up in the disco craze, so she went into the studio with a group of Malian musicians and laid down some disco – griot style.

If only all disco sounded this good. Listen to the heavy groove, the handclaps, the raw strings, the balafon and Bambara vocals cooking up a storm. This one-off, cross-cultural dance floor madness is a gem and it is matched with an excellent B-side featuring Daphni (aka Caribou) crafting an extended part 2 that adds flute and percussion before cutting the track down to a nasty dub suitable for the clubs. Long may Sofrito continue to reissue these rare gems.

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