Balkan Beat Box – Give

Today marks the release of Balkan Beat Box’s latest album, Give. Israel-born New Yorkers Ori Kaplan, Tamir Muskat and Tomer Yosef lead the group of rotating musicians who play Mediterranean-influenced music that incorporates traditions from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and New York electronica. For their fourth album, Balkan Beat Box recorded primarily at Tel Aviv’s Vibromonk East studio. Give was conceived of as “a smaller, more introverted album,” according to Ori Kaplan. “It was fun for us to see what just came out of the three of us while we played with old analog synths and children’s toys”.

“It was kind of a crazy vibe in the studio sometimes. We were recording some of our most hardcore songs ever, but our kids would be there, too, running around and playing in the middle of everything. I think it gave things a hopeful vibe, too… it reminds us that we’re fighting for something, not just against everything.” – Tamir Muskat

The handcrafted beats have a harder edge to them and push the songs to the upper limit. The trio didn’t utilize any guest musicians for this recording as they had plenty to say themselves. Inspired by last year’s people’s protest movements across the globe from the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall St., to Israel’s own massive social protests, Give captures the cautious hope and re-energized spirit of our time. “Enemy In Economy” tells the true story of Tomer’s detention by TSA authorities after being mistaken for a terrorist on an Alaska Airlines flight. This record features plenty of styles mixing together with a strong political and social message prevalent throughout. Check out Balkan Beat Box’s youtube channel for videos.

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