Afro Funk – Body Music

Afro Funk is a band comprised mostly of West African expatriates who got together and recorded Body Music in London in 1975. At that time the African music scene was thriving in metropolitan England. The success of Osibisa drew people from all over Africa who attempted to launch themselves into stardom. Unfortunately for Afro Funk, the fame never came and since Body Music was issued as a small private press release on Kabana Records, the band never had a major tour and they faded into obscurity after their only release. The album had a small release in Ghana on Kojo Asare’s Chairman Records, but it wasn’t enough to get Afro Funk the attention they deserved.

Luckily for us, Secret Stash Records decided to reissue the record for the first time on vinyl. This record features the music styles one would associate with a group named Afro Funk. Afrobeat, funk, soul, reggae and West African sounds find their way onto this album. The heavy grooves on this set are always enjoyable and will get you dancing in no time. The vinyl only release comes with a download card so you have no excuse not to pick this baby up. For a sample, listen to “Obanya Special” below.

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