TwoManTing – Ar Lek U

TwoManTing - Ar Lek U

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TwoManTing – “Jomp En Tonorbur”
Ar Lek U

Jon Lewis of England and Jah-man Aggrey of Sierra Leone make up TwoManTing, a dynamic Afro-roots duo based in Bristol that mixes vocals and guitar with driving djembe and hand percussion rhythms. Lewis picks through highlife, palm-wine and reggae influenced riffs on his guitar while Aggrey sings lead vocals and builds up each song with his intuitive drumming. Sprouting from Le Cod Afrique, a world music ensemble that specializes in French and Arabic dance music, TwoManTing strip the instruments down to the bare essentials, but they still achieve a robust sound thanks to Lewis’ smart and unobtrusive looping techniques. They released their debut album, Legacy, in 2011 and now they’re back with a new EP entitled Ar Lek U.

Ar Lek U picks up where Legacy left off. The pulsing “Jomp En Tonorbur” sets the tone with a slice of sunshine – bright vocals and positive vibrations all around. “Ar Lek U” follows with a healthy dose of highlife guitar and Aggrey’s uplifiting voice. “Righteous Man” is full of reggae and dub, showing the multifaceted approach of this duo. “Badger Shoes 13” is a nice, hypnotic instrumental piece which closes the EP. These four tracks will please TwoManTing fans and newcomers alike. Melt the winter away with these warm, soulful grooves. TwoManTing are currently on tour in the UK, so check out their schedule to see when they will be in your area.

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