Splinters & Candy 12/28/20 WVKR


Fine selections from notable releases this year. Music from Puerto Rico, USA, Brazil, France, Canada, Philippines, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Mali, Benin, South Korea, and beyond.


Buscabulla – “Manda Fuego”
LADAMA – “Tierra Tiembla”
Céu – “Ocitocina (Charged)”
Ko Shin Moon – “Leïla Nova”
Pantayo – “Eclipse”
Lido Pimienta – “Te Queria”
Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – “Mascaram Setaba”
Moonlight Benjamin – “Ki Nouvèl”
Oumou Sangaré – “Minata Waraba (Acoustic)”
Afel Bocoum – “Kakilena”
Hailu Mergia – “Semen Ena Debub”
Star Feminine Band – “Rew be me”
Coreyah – “Escape”

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