Splinters & Candy 10/12/20 WVKR

Niños futbol. Ibo (Quirimbas)

Vibrations from around the planet. Music from Finland, Western Sahara, Greece, Iran, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Morocco, France, Syria, USA, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mongolia, Mozambique, Mali, Algeria, and beyond.


Frigg – “Early Bird”
El Wali – “The People of El Aaiún”
Evritiki Zygia – “The Sun is Setting”
Mahsa Vahdat – “Farewell”
Amsterdam Klezmer Band – “Sirba 2019”
Ani Cordero – “Mi Machete”
Bab L’ Bluz – “Oudelali”
Naïssam Jalal – “Ahl Al Nuba”
LADAMA – “Cada Uno”
Zazou Bikaye – “Nostalgie”
Khusugtun – “Arvan Khoyor Jil”
Selma Uamusse – “HOYO HOYO”
Afel Bocoum – “Dakamana”
Rachid Taha ft. Fleche Love – “Wahdi”

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