Splinters & Candy 10/07/19 WVKR

Morocco countryside

Creative movement in sound. Music from the USA, Brazil, Denmark, Cape Verde, Guadeloupe, France, Venezuela, Belize, Morocco, Nigeria, and beyond.


Tipsy Oxcart – “Fax Mission”
Sessa – “Infinitamente Nu”
Mames Babegenush – “Dream City”
Guaxe – “Avesso”
Ferro Gaita – “Rei Di Tabanka”
Frank Valmont Et Synco Rhytmic Eclectic Language – “Moin Cé La Biguine”
Nella – “Pero Hoy”
The Garifuna Collective – “Wiya Waist”
Combo Chimbita – “Te Ví”
Abdou El Omari – “Alghoroub”
Feeling Kréyol – “La Guadeloupe”
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band – “Ikosejaye”

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