Splinters & Candy 09/17/18 WVKR


Specializing in other sounds. Music from Algeria, Mozambique, Senegal, Madagascar, Guadeloupe, Cuba, Haiti, Italy, Ecuador, Colombia, Guam, Canada, India, USA, and beyond.


Rachid Taha – “Josephine”
Dilon Djindji – “Chantima Maria”
Daby Balde – “Tamania”
Gamana – “Volatiana”
Delgrès – “Mo Jodi”
Orlando “Cachaíto” López – “Tumbanga”
Afro Cuban All Stars – “Elube Changó”
Grupo Vocal Desandann – “Cachita”
Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana – “Maggio”
Rio Mira – “Adios Morena”
For Peace Band – “Rarest Flower”
Ron Korb – “Patagonia”
Anita Aysola – “Bet on Us”

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