Splinters & Candy 09/09/19 WVKR


Today’s show marks our annual pledge drive. If you love world music and independent radio, please consider a donation to WVKR. Music from Democratic Republic of Congo, England, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Turkey, Netherlands, Pakistan, Brazil, USA, Cambodia, Angola, and beyond.


Kongo Dia Ntotila – “Feti”
Sia Tolno – “Djumata”
Khaira Arby – “Khaira”
Noura Mint Seymali – “Richa”
Oum – “Salam”
Altın Gün – “Leyla”
M. Ashraf ft. Ahmed Rushdi – “Dama Dam Mast Qalander”
Benji & Rita – “Passatempo”
Dengue Fever – “Sni Bong”
Lulendo – “No Ingarrafamento”

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