Splinters & Candy 07/13/20 WVKR


Gather up the songs. Music from Colombia, France, Netherlands, Mauritania, Lebanon, Algeria, England, USA, Angola, Syria, and beyond.


Meridian Brothers – “Los Golpeadores De La Cumbia”
L’Eclair – “Cebando”
YĪN YĪN – “Thom Ki Ki”
Jeich Ould Badu and Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla – “Tirss”
Issam Hajali – “Ada”
Ahmed Malek – “Bolero”
Skinshape ft. D’Alma – “Sua Alma”
El Santo Golpe – “Cinco Lunas”
The Mauskovic Dance Band – “Space Drum Machine”
Diron Animal – “Coupé Leluk”
Béliz – “Natibel”
Afro Social Club – “Archfoe”
Rizan Said – “Melfuf”
Ebogoma Gabriel – “Dzoli”

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