Splinters & Candy 06/22/20 WVKR

Dancing ladies

Shake freely. Music from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, Eritrea, Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, Japan, Colombia, and beyond.


NST Cophie’s – “Bian Kou”
Basa Basa – “Homowo”
Jake Sollo – “Weebo-Me Weebo”
Mona Finnih – “Ani Kewa Jo”
Awa Poulo – “Djulau”
Om Alec Khaoli – “Enjoy It”
Awalom Gebremariam – “Desdes”
Nano S. Group – “Kalangkang”
Al Massrieen – “Ebda’Men Gedid”
Sabreen – “Eash Ya Kdeesh”
Minyo Crusaders + Frento Cumbiero – “Cumbia del monte Fuji”

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